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What is Salt and Sanctuary?

Salt and Sanctuary is a stylistic, brutal action RPG platformer that’s teeming with visceral, satisfying combat, deep, diverse character builds, and casts you as a sailor shipwrecked on a strange, purgatorial island, insulated somehow against a backdrop of centuries-old worldwide perpetual war. What hope remains is isolated in Sanctuaries: protected dwellings where travelers band together under common creeds to take shelter from the hostile world outside.

Expect a solidly executed, intricate and brutal combat style, lovingly hand-drawn and animated 2D art (of the non-pixel variety), a killer in-house soundtrack, and a massive roster of set-defining, dynamic and unique bosses.

The emphasis in Salt and Sanctuary is stylistic sidescrolling combat: Weapons have movesets, air attacks have hang time, and rolling is king. Weapons can be one-handed and paired with Shields or offhand Crossbows for versatility, or wielded two-handed for added power, with every configuration having its own unique moveset. There are Staffs for Magic, bows for ranged combat, and belt-slotted Consumables like throwing daggers and weapon-buffing Pitchfire. Of course, loadout weight affects your movement, rolling speed and stamina regen, so a good balance of defense and agility is key.

Salt and Sanctuary is developed by Ska Studios and was released on May 17, 2016.
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